Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please be PUNCTUAL

Why I say so ?
Because of my classmate
They told me that they will come fetch at 12pm
But now they change to 1pm
I wait at downstairs for 20 mins
Nobody text me that changed time ady
Abang and Kakak
Can you just text and tell me this ?
It is just for 1 sen only right
I'm angry
Please be punctual and tell me if the plan changed
I want to get a license
I want to get a car
So that I no need to wait them
But when my wish can come true ?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ee Leng

Miss Leong Ee Leng
Happy Birthday to U

Lets us memory back our beautiful memories
I show you all some LENG pistures

* alice birthday celebration at Sushi Zanmai

* last day of class trip at Genting

* turtle jump

* please ignore lay yee

* wonderful sun

* she act CUTE

* 1 leng lui (yeeying) 4 yong sui

* FUNNY hsien qi

* what pose is this ?

* sunglasses girl

* camwhoring

* where is Alice ? She is talikng on the phone

* model

* Ee leng like to wear sunglasses

It is beautiful memories
Unforgettable time in my Life
If you like this post comment on it =)

Leng, I sing a birthday song to you
Nice to heard
U imagine the melody lah okay ?

Happy Birthday to You, Leng Leng
Happy Birthday to You, Yong Sui
Happy memories in our life
Happy Birthday to You

long time no SEE

As usual, I'm busy like a bee in this following week
When I on my blog I can feel that my bog is a dead blog
I really got no time to update my blog or even my facebook
Tomorrow is ee leng's birthday
But I cannot attend
Because I got no transport somemore Monday I got test
Sorry ee leng =(
You know I'm sad right
I told you before that I won't miss your birthday celebration but I fail
I'm feel guilty
I miss you all like hell
This is what I want to tell you
It comes from my heart

Money is everything
Money is amazing
Money is power
Money is magic

Kah Weng is my boy
This equation won't change
{yeeying + kahweng = }
Your problem means my problem
Let's solve it together