Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mama Lee

This is my mama. Yes she is my only mama in the world. Sometimes I hate her because she like argue with me. Sometimes she likes to talk to me. After I argue with her, i will regret. Don't know why ? Maybe because she is my mum and she is getting older and older. She is elder so i have to pay some respect to her right ? Sorry that I'm not the good daughter. One of the reason that I choose to studies Accounting is because of my mum. She want me to get a better job in the future. 

The job for a professional mama
1. Cook for the whole family every single day
2. Wash the clothes for whole family 
3. Do housework everyday 

No off-day No salary No maid 
I'm so proud to be your daughter. Yes I'm serious ! *no kidding*

It's time to let Mama Lee get some rest. Brother and two older sister was sponsor my mum went to a Langkawi trip by flight with my aunts and grandma. She is excited because she can't fall asleep a day before the trip. Hahahaha cute ! 
Before she go to Langkawi, I've printed out a list of chocolate to her and ask her to bought for us. She don't know how to speak so i just printed out the pictures of chocolate so that she know what to buy.  Good idea right ? These are the chocolate she bought for us from Langkawi. 

I gonna finish it in 3 days ! Ciao guys. See you :D

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mnet Asia Music Awards #MAMA 2011

MAMA 2011 in Singapore. All the famous Korean Artist went to this big event like Super Junior, Girls Generation, Miss A, Beast, 2ne1, A Pink, HyunA, Kim Hyun Joong...
I'm jealous that Singaporean can enjoy the event with all the Korean Artist. But I just finished watched MAMA 2011 on the YouTube.

Super Junior is the Winner Of the Year at MAMA 2011. They received 3 awards which is Album of the Year, Best Male Group and Singapore's Choice

Girls Generation received 2 awards which is Artist of the Year and Best Female Group.

2ne1 received 2 awards also which is Song of the Year and Best Vocal Performances Group. 

Congrats to all the winner. 2pm never get any awards from MAMA 2011 but they are the Best. I miss the 2pm Hands Up Asia Tour 2011. Hope they will be back. 2pm please come to Malaysia again. Hottest are waiting for you. 2pm Hwaitting Dae Bak !

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Assignments and Tests !

Ohaiyo :D
This semester really drive me crazyyyyy ! Since last two week I had pass up 2 assignment and I sat for two test in a day. Next week is the due date for another assignment which is Financial Management.  I don't like all the subject from this semester because there are theory no calculation. I'm actually study Accounting but why only few calculation subject ?! 
For the assignment part, everyone is just their own part then we combine all the information together. This is the best way I think because if we discuss together there will appear problem of brain storming. But for our team we got the best Team Work Power. Although we did it last min but we still can pass up on time !  
Bye. I still got two test on next Wednesday. It is time to move my concentrate to my note ! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2pm Hands Up Asia Tour In Malaysia 2011

2pm going to come to Malaysia on 25th November. I want to go so badly but the tickets is kinda expensive. I can't afford it. I had participate few contest to get a chance to win it. Please let me win the pass to meet them.  Thankiu very much :D

Saturday, November 5, 2011

111104 ♥

Hello peepo 안녕  . It's November now. I have mentioned again that "Time Flies Very Fast". 2011 is going to end soon. People are grow older and older. And I going to turn 20 years old. Agrhhhhhhhh...
Back to topic. I went to One Utama with my younger sister for Uniqlo.
 I'm not the lucky 300 customers to grab the Uniqlo Tootie Bag. What time they queuing actually ? The flyer said that start at 10am and I queue at 10am but all the tootie already finish. What ???????

Most of them is Aunts and Uncle -.-

 Nice movie. Justin Timberlake is so handsome when he is half naked.

 Once I went to One Utama, I'm always had lunch at Sushi Zanmai.

 Food of the day 

 Photograph by Yee Chien

Photograph by me  감사합니다 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Ohaiyo... I'm participate for Olympus Happy Photography to stand a chance to win Olympus Pen Lite E-PL 3 and Olympus Pen mini E-PM1. Wish me luck 

This is my first time that I step out from Malaysia went to Singapore to travel. I never went to other country before. Sometimes I'm jealous my younger sister because she has been many places by plane like Hong Kong. She is the younger in my family so my mum gotta brought her along. 
After I met him...I know my dream will come true very sooon. 7 months anniversary he brought to the Singapore. His family migrated to Singapore but he is stayed at Malaysia . He did not meet his family for long time so we planned to went to Singapore. 

Singapore toll. Nobody can escape from that. You know why ? At Malaysia, some of the people will try to escape this. Of course not me !!!

Nice environment. Most of the oldest like to spend time at here. 
I saw them was playing chess and chit-chatting.

Even I also like to play at here.I want to fly like a superman . Let's jump together.

His sister. We had dinner together. We got alots of common interest.

Singapore Flyer. You must go to see the view from there. It is BRAVO 

Universal Studio. I think many tourists like to travel at here because it is fun. Remember buy the ticket earlier. I miss the chance to go in. All the tickets is SOLD OUT very fast. 

Still thinking about the Universal Studio.
MOS Burger always the BEST 

I forgot the shop name. I know it is inside Shaw Plaza. Thumb up for the sushi   

Singapore is the best place to travel. I  Singapore.
Finally, picture always can tell many story. Please join this contest to stand a chance to win Olympus camera to capture all the memorable memories. Check this out Olympus !!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

InkiONE K-Pop Party

Annyeong-Haseyo !!! 
My younger sister keep on saying my blog is dead blog. But... She is right.
Back to topic. I won the tickets to One HD's InkiOne K-Pop party. I can't believe that. Because the contest is just so easy. There just required you to write a paragraph tell them why you One HD. You have to continue with this part "I love One HD....." (i don't know why I can won because my English level so low) And I just wrote that I love One HD because there got alots of Korean show like Running Man , Star king , K-pop Countdown and etc.

Winner Letter 

You want to know what is the Prize ?
Grand Prize : A 3D 2N trip to South Korea in late December including return flight, accommodation and tickets for 2 to watch 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun.
Second Prize :  A Sony T110 Camera
Consolation Prize : ONE Goodie Bag with exclusive collectibles

For the party I have to bring 2 friends to the party. Vinccy Hsien Qi is a Korean freak also so I invited her. Thanks Qi Qi. I want to bring my younger sister along but I can't because they already mentioned that must be above 18 years old. How's about another ticket ? IDK =.=" I don't want to waste the ticket.
I'm freaking excited. Anyways, Thanks to One HD for giving me a chance go to the party.
Please support One HD by like their Facebook page ONETVASIA !!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

091011 ♥

A lovely shopping day with family 
08 Octorber 2011 is our 1 year and 3 months anniversary ! Baby boy bought me a new jeans from Forever 21. He dont let me to wear short pants to college so that he bought me this. Thanks Baby boy. I lub you 

 Savoury Paratha - Chicken and Cheese ( recommended )

 Savoury Chispy- Satay Chicken (not recommended)

I ordered Choco Cream Chips but a malay girl didn't noticed that she took the wrong cup. So the waiter ask me whether can I just take this ! He told me this is Mocha (Hazelnut). Guess what I answer him ? Of course I will just took this because I'm not a savage customer. Hee :)

That's all for this post. Bye. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hi October !

It's Saturday. We planned to go to Kuala Lumpur for breakfast but end up we shopping at Sungei Wang. We had breakfast at Pasta Mania @ Sungei Wang. We ordered pasta, pizza and ice chocolate. The food is nice and the service is good also. I will come again

Walked from Sungei Wang to Pavilion. It is hot man. The sun is so big. But I'm enjoy !!!

Try outfit at Forever 21. I like all the clothes that I tried. I never buy because of $$$. Nevermind. I will buy it when I get my salary.

My fringe is long so I pin my hair like this ! I like it