Friday, September 23, 2011

Mum's Birthday Celebration

Just a simple celebration for mum because my brother and my sister gonna rush to work after finish dinner. No Korean Food No Japanese Food. This year we try Thai Food. 

Khuntai @ Aman Puri ! The environment is quite comfortable. Reasonable price and good customer service as well. Give a try.

KhunThai Village Restaurant (PJ) sdn. Bhd. 
17 A & 18 A, Jalan Desa 2/8, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kepong Selangor.
Tel : 012-4905220
Email :
Click here Khuntai  for more imformation

These are the Thai food that we ordered.

We didn't take much photo because we are busy eating. Haha !!!
I give this to mum as birthday present. Hope you like it. Mummy, Happy Birthday 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What is my career path ?

College start this week. While the first week is only have lecture class and tutorial will be on the second week. One of my lecturer is a 60 years old. He is teaching Management Accounting. He is strong and knowledgeable uncle. He told us alot of life principles. And he asked us what is our career path ? The first thing that pop in my mind is Accountant ! I don't know it is that job that I want to go in. There are many job that I can go in like banking, auditing, taxation. 

Why I choose to study Accounting ? Because I love to count. Because I love numbers. 
I'm thinking which firm should I go ? I have to think now because once you get into the firm that you doesn't have much interesting. That is wasting alot of time ! Duration of my course is 4 years including Diploma and Advance Diploma ( Degree). And yet I want to continue to ACCA. It is not easy as I think. There are so many people giving up. They just complete theirs Diploma and start working. ACCA paper is follow International Standard. Not only ACCA paper is all accounting paper that is studying now. The way to become a professional accountant is gonna be tough and tougher. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Movie Movie Movie

Lifeless. Lifeless. Lifeless. 
Every weekend we are planned where to go ? I want to shopping but Baby Boy don't want. He just like to sleep and play computer. I cannot force him because he is so temper. But... We love to watch movie. We can just watch movie for more than 5 times a week. Crazy ?! We spend alots in the cinema. *smilling face*

 Mr.Bean, he is funny all the time.
 Both of them are so handsome and man  !
 The baby are so adorable 
 I think the first version is nicer !
They are smarter than human being.

College going to start very sooon. Back to college back to life. I will neglect my blog when college start so how ? Education more important right ?! So bye bye and bye !

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Sims Social

I'm addicted to played this games during my holidays. I can play this games for more than 3 hours, it really help me to kill my boringness. Thanks alots.
Back to topic. I need to earn more to increase my house value but I got not enough cash. So now I am saving to buy more furniture.

I don't know what to blog ady. Bye and shall continue my K-drama later !

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I ♥ Capture

I like to capture everything that happens to me ! It can be memories for me ! 
I took thousand of pictures with my phone and my camera. I choose most latest favourite pictures to blog. Just want to show you all ! And yeah, I uploaded to the Facebook as well. I want to tet my friends view my pictures when they click in to my Facebook Profile. 

* Entrepreneurship presentation 

* Cycling time

 * A day before Merdeka

* When Baby Boy sleeping, sneak out !

* Going to Shopping

* Baby Boy's Birthday @ Sushi Zanmai

* Ikea with lovely family

Before going to college, had breakfast with mum.

* Baby Boy offday, plan to shopping !

When I saw a pictures, I knew what I'm doing that time ! *seriously*  I have a strong memory on other thing but not in EDUCATION.
My power of eye has increasingly means I have to spend on new contact lens and spectacular. Mum, can you sponsor me ?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A day before Merdeka !

As you know I was planned my shopping day with my sister last week ! Hahahah ;) My cousin Christine joined us. We reached 1 Utama at 930am because Baby Boy need to work at 945am so we just follow his car. It's was fun. This is the first time I came to 1Utama at these time ! I'm shock , It is alot of people are start shopping in the early morning. Crazyyyyy =.=
1030am I went to queue up for Cars 2 but there are no more nice place for us to choose , so we changed to Spy Kids All The Time In The World. Not bad too. 

 Rating : 7/10

This is a must during shopping. Camwhore time  

Before get in to the cinema hall, sister yee chien want to take pictures with Mc Queen !

Sushi Zanmai for lunch. It is always our choice. Without fail. It is crowded. We queue for more than 15 mins.

Food of the day  

Took by my lousy camera

Let's shout : " Merdeka , Merdeka , Merdeka
Happy Birthday to Malaysia , Happy 54th birthday to Malaysia 
1 Malaysia - Slogan of Malaysia 


Ikea is one of my mum favourite shopping centre. She like to decorate our house. She like a aunty interior designer ! No kidding :) She got potential to do it ! 
We visit Ikea on 30 August. It is first day of HARI RAYA AiDILFITRI. No malay and I saw alots of Chinese and Indian. The atmosphere is like Chinese New Year

There give this catalog as free !

All the decoration of different department is full of creative ! Furniture is nice and also EXPENSIVE ;) We used to go to lower ground because there got something is below RM20 !
We are crazyyy that day ! We took anything and capture. Many people stared at us. But we never bother them because we are enjoyed.

That's all for this post ! Bye