Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time really flies
In the twinkling of an eye
We gonna say goodbye to JUNE
Goodbye to 2010
And soon
We gonna goodbye to FIFA also

*sorry i don't know what to blog

Friday, June 25, 2010

Alice Sweetest 18th birthday

Happy Birthday

Surprise ?
I think I can go hollywood to start a movie already
She tot PDDK 5SK1 never celebrate her birthday
She told me that they seems like very busy
She feel disappointed
We plan a surprise celebration with her
But her boyfriend told her that we gonna celebrate with her
So, only 50% surprise !!!
She went to celebrate with her class mate
LinYng EeLeng XiaoZhen LayYee and I gather at MC'D to wait her back home
Then give her a surprise
Everyone hiding behind the car
She going to cry when she saw us

Chitchat and camwhore at her new house~

Her birthday present
2 mask
1 eye linear gel
2 fake eyelashes

Group pictures with the birthday girl

Last but not least
Hope you always stay pretty as me
Wishes you all your dream come true

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Went to Hsienqi's daddy funeral
and Hsienqi become thin and weak nowadays
So sad to see all this happens
At least she never cry in front of us
I know that she pretend stronger
Don't want us to worry about her
She smiles
She chitchat with us

When I blog about her
I cried
A 18 years old young girl have to go through all this unhappy thing
Have a sad memory
Hsienqi should be very tired
and She miss her father so much
Don't think so much
Take a rest after settle all this thing
Okay ?!

Monday, June 21, 2010

HsienQi, we always here for you

Why everything happen so suddenly?
Hsienqi Don't cry
We don't want you to cry
I know you are hurt and sad
But Hseinqi you gotta be strong
You have to remember your dad is always stay in your heart
We always here for you okay?
If you need help just give us a call
We can help you as much as we can

''Hsienqi, Jia You and We always love you"

Uncle,may you rest in peace
You always the BEST father in Hsienqi's heart

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why we can't live peacefully ?
Why everything happen so suddenly?
STOP !!!
I'm confusing =.=
Should we lend him a hand ?
No,we shouldn't.
He should learn from mistake
He always escape when the problem faces to him
Escape cannot solve the problem
You have to talk to them ask some advice
Please do it !!!
Don't let them disappointed again

Friday, June 11, 2010

Group assignments need to do
Test due next week (Hubungan Etnik, Microeconomics)
Role Play for English Language
Presentation for every subject

The most worst thing is....
I don't like the group leader
He think that he very smart
He know how to do all the thing =.=
He keep acting
He like to present but he not good in presentation
Those tutor don't really like him also
He get 7'A for his SPM so he become leader for all the subject
I don't know how they choose
*no comment
and he almost told all the people that he is scholarship holder
He never respects to the tutor
When the tutor teaching in front of us he keep stop the tutor
He said he is always correct and the tutor is wrong
They are more knowledgeable than you
RESPECT la please ?!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I cried today =(
I'm too careless about it

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alice open house party

Went to Alice Liew Ping Yee new house
Hooray !!!
I met my dear sistar and brother
So glad to met them
Reached there around 5 something
There are lots of auntie uncle and kids
And her house are so beautiful
Those decoration are simple but really nice
Japan style
especially her sister room

camwhore at her room
Pingyee room are cute
Pink colour
After that, we went to old town yum cha
Around 7pm we went back to Pingyee's house
She help me to blow my hair

My hair look straight right ?
Thanks Pingyee
I rate 9.5 of 10
Satisfaction ? =)
Finally my brother came to Pingyee's house
They slow like turtle

In between
Loser will become the picture below
Model no. 1
Model no. 2
Model no. 3
Model no.4
Model no.5
Nevermind is just a game
Enjoy it
Thanks to Pingyee invite me to her new house
I am happy that we gather again

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Somebody help me please ?!
I spend RM200 for 11days during college
Very poor now
I know why i spend so much because we always went to ate fast food
I don't want to but i have no choice
They fetch me back home everyday that's why i gotta follow them
Last Monday we got 4 hours break after IA class
Then they said want to go Wangsa Walk for movie
When i get into car i keep prayed for myself
"No movie No movie No movie"
But i failed
They really very rich
We went to watch "Happy-Go-Lucky"
Its lame movie
After finish movie I left 12 bucks in my wallet
They said lets go to A&W
So my 12 bucks fly away