Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Especially for U

Finally ! I got a little bit time to update my blog. And yeah , now it is a blogging time everyone 
This is a birthday post for my Baby Boy. I had delayed it for 2 weeks ady ! Sorry 죄송합니다

22th May 2011, before 12am we went to SS15 Station One for supper ! 

The food and drink not bad ! *thumb up*

The BIG day 23th May 2011, his sister came back from Singapore ! She belanja us go to Sushi Zanmai to celebrate his birthday. Pei Pei, thankiu so much ! 
After school went back home shower the headed to Pyramid. 

His lovely sister, Pei Pei 

We always love Sushi Zanmai 

This is kici-miao birthday cake for Baby Boy  

We didn't took much pictures because we looks ugly ! 
This is the only NICE pictures that I took with Baby Boy. Are you agree ?! 

We always love Chatime too  Have a sit and enjoy our Chatime  !

3 ugly face in a roll. Haha =D

Lastly, this is Baby Boy birthday present ! 
Braun Buffel wallet. It cost RM250 ++

Happy belated birthday my darling 
No matter what happens I will always stick with you ♥ 
I love you 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peoples that make me happy !

 1. He is the MOST important people that make me happy all the time. 
Who is he ? He is my BoyFriend. He is my BabyBoy. He is my sweetheart. He always by my side. He care about me. He told me that he gonna marry with me. I want to work part-time but he don't let ! He said that he can work hard so that I no need to work ! He want to earn more so that I can buy many thins that I like. I'm not showing off. I'm just feel happy with that. I can't tell all this through word because it will take some time. Our love stories will always keep in my deep heart. 

2. She is important for me in my life.
Her name called Peng Qi but I called Xiao Bao Bei. She is noisy. She is talk-active. She is pro-active ! But, she is cute and adorable. Her's dad is Taiwanese and her mum is Malaysian. Her dad has alots of prejudice of this country. He complaints alots about it ! He is a stubborn old man. My mum take care of her when Peng Qi was 2 months only. She like my younger sister and I want to her to be my real sister also. But now her dad don't let my mum to take care so we cannot meet her again. We just can find her during weekends ! I miss her because she make me happy so that I can forget all the unhappy things !     

3. K-pop kill my boringness 
They are talent. They are handsome and pretty. The first things when I on my computer I will straights away go to www.popseoul.comwww.allkpop.com/www.jenpoo.com. It can show all the updated information and song of them ! Although I'm not understand theirs language but they got a power to attract us to support them.  
Please give them a clap !

Please stick with me all the time 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mummy's Day

Went to Tao @ Sunway Giza to celebrate Mummy's Day.
Mummy, Kent,Yee Woon , Yee Teng, Yee Chien, Baby Boy and I.
There are promotion during Mummy's Day. RM58 ++ net per person and 50% off for those who are birthday on May !
 Japanese Ninja Style

Lets have a look of the cuisine of the night !

 Mummy looks so happy and enjoyed the food !

Baby Boy went together with us ! I 
Anyways, Happy Mother's Day !
Mum, please put your smile on the face. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No more...

As you know, Sem 4 gonna start in few more days ! I am not enjoy with my holidays because I'm just stay at home become good girl. I spend more time with my family and my Baby Boy. Not bad actually =D
Saturday also got class but only have to attend one class. Tutorial somemore means cannot skip lah. Deng !
Why our class so lucky ?! Why jackpot toto 4D not so lucky ?! Cheh...
I already planned to teach tuition every Saturday to earn more pocket money ! Now have to plan again. *money fly away*
I don't know what to blog. Ciao ~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sem 4 !

After 28 days holiday , Sem 4 gonna start after 1 week ! Oh noooooo.... I gonna be lonely and lonely.
My college friends is not my true  friends ! I try to be friendly but fail. My friends and I like different channel you know ? What they talk about laugh about I really cannot get it. Not because I'm cool. There no such point make me want to laugh. Sem 4 start to learn something new and hard I think. I hate the time table also. 8am class from Monday to Friday ! Sob =.=

I want to go back to secondary school life. I miss the time we play together. We always lepak all the time. Even though we like to play at any time, we still can concentrate on our studies. During exam, we always ask about sejarah questions. After chinese class, we went to Pyramid for lunch. I'm really enjoy it.

Time pass. Life changes. People changes.