Monday, February 28, 2011

Yee Chien , I want to wish you....

 Hey, My lovely little sister. I want to wish you Happy Birthday !
I'm so happy that you are my sister. If not my life will be boring. Haha ;)
Touching aha ?!
We like to fight. We like to argue. But we love each others.
I bought a present for you ady. DO YOU REMEMBER ?
 Please don't come and ask me again.
Hmmmm, I think my mum will celebrate with her tonight.
Stay tuned !

*Sorry I have neglect my blog recently. Forgive me !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Singapore trip 2 ♥

As you know, I went to Singapore to meet my BABY boy during Chinese New Year. I went to Singapore alone by bus. It is only take 5 hours. First Coach Bus from 1utama to Novena Square Singapore. RM50 per person and only one way. I think it is quite cheap. They provide food and drinks for all the passengers. Yeah, I know I'm good in promoting. LMAO ;)
Sorry. I'm lazy to upload the rest pictures. It is too much.

Day 1 : 7 months anniversary
We went to City Hall together with his sister and friends. They are so friendly. His sister belanja us to eat. Wow so goooood. After that, we went to Hang Bao River.There are full of Chinese new year atmosphere. 2011 is the Year of Rabbit so all the decoration is about rabbit. Then we walk here walk there, walk there walk here after that went back to home.

Day 2 : Movie
BABY BOY and I went to Shaw Plaza for movie and lunch. We watched " Green Hornet ". Jay Chow is the main character in this movie. The movie are so fake. All the weapon and cars are very exaggeration.

Day 3 : Dinner and movie
Haha ;) That day is Chu 7. It also know as " 人日". It means the birthday of the all the human being. Chinese people will celebrate together with theirs family. So, we went to dinner with BABY BOY's family. After that, we went to movie again. I forget the name of the movie. It is Singaporean movie. It is very funny.

Day 4 : Shopping and Bian Nian
We went to Bugis Street in the morning. It similar like Many shop to shop. I never get to buy anything because we need to went to his uncle's sister house to had dinner and collect angpao form the elder.

Day 5 : Back to Malaysia
We took 11am bus back to Bandar Utama. The trip has end. ;)

Sorry, I has delayed this post for few days already. Semester 3 is started. This is a short semester and it is also a boring semester. Ciao :)