Friday, May 28, 2010

Lazy to write to update my blog
But I have to keep my blog alive
Not lazy actually is tired
If I want to on9 I have to wait my brother come back home
He everyday come back at 11pm
Its too late for me
I don't know which is the fella arrange the time table
All at afternoon session
Malaysia only 1 season "SUMMER"
During 12pm-3pm
Its too hot man
I gonna be BBQ chicken
I become darker and darker and my skin become worst nowadays

Hows my college life?
So far so good
Many thing have to do
tutorial, assignment,interview,research...
I feel tired with it
But have to do it well
If not I will barred from examination and REPEAT the course one more time
I don't want !!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Barry wedding party

Congratulation to Barry & Rena
my uncle and "NEW" auntie

*yeeteng, christine, yeechien, yeeying, yeewoon and thompson

Welcome home !

The newlywed and my grandma

A big family~

All the wedding pic are so beautiful and sweet

my 2nd sister and her boyfriend

yummmmmmmmmmmmm sheng
Don't forget bring your lover for honeymoon
Please la !!!
No Thailand and Singapore
Far away from Malaysia ex: HongKong and Paris
Wish you all the best
And happy always
also 白头到老

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today class start at 8am until 11am
Hubungan Etnik and Microeconomics
This 2 subject are the most I hate

I took this during break time
And the HE teacher make me feel sleepy
I was not wearing lens that day
I wearing spec but still not really clear
So i take out my camera
Then the HE teacher said : " I know some of student take pic if you take pic you cannot get good result of this subject "
I cannot see the screen thats why i take pic kay ?!
If I can get good result for HE means the statement is wrong
You wait and see ba

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 1 @TARC

Today is the first day to college
And I slept very well yesterday
No nightmare =)
My class start at 10am until 12pm
There are divide into 2 groups
Group A : A--K (400 students) and Group B : L--S (400 students)
I'm in the group B
This is for the first week only
Just follow by the surname

Okay !
Today i reached college around 930am
Me and wei wah walk all the way to the hall
What DKD ?!
Both of us was sweating
The weather really drive me crazy
I want to take off my shirt if I can do that as well
Of cause inside the hall is full of air-condition
I want to take pic but i don't dare to take out my camera
So no pic for this post and the rest i think
I try my best to take more pic
And the first lessons is....
Assets Equity Liabilities
I learn this during Form 4
Is the same la
The whole lessons quite easy
I didn't get to meet jia jian today
Brother you should come early so that we can sit together
Tomorrow la kay ?!
My dad went to hospital yesterday
Today he going to do operation
I went to visit him yesterday
He wearing the green colour shirt and pants
Like ah pek u know ?!
And the food is bad
It is tasteless
I never try la
But look at my dad emotion
I know it is not good
Government hospital ma
You can't expect so much also
hope you will get well soon

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Orientation Day

Wake up at 12pm to attend the Orientation
I shouldn't went for that
It is boringgggggggggggg man
Just sitting there listening seniors to crap
Do the "Tempuk Komander"
After that Dato Sri Wong Ka Ting walk in to our business hall
And he talked around 1 hours
2pm start 5pm end
I just sit there for 3 hours and my butt is.......

Monday is the fist week
I haven't meet any friends yet
And I still don't know where is the toilet ?!
Class room ?
Swimming pool ?
Hostel ?
Office ?
doink =.=
Don't worry
Monday i will go through the whole college

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day
I love youuuuuuuuuuuu

Went to breakfast with my mum
My mum look nervous?
She don't like to take pic actually
But I forced her
Breakfast at Segambut
All the food really nice
But quite expensive
1 small bowl = RM 15
Next round !!!
Shopping again~

Lunch @ i love yoo !
I like the you char gui

Lee yik can want to buy hot dog for supper
He bought 4 packs

Look at his size

They are not argue-ing
Happy Mother's Day
and I'll be a good daughter
Wish you stay healthy
All good luck comes to you

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh My God
I gonna start my college very soon
10 May for Orientation Day
I was ver excited and nervous
Want to know how college life look like ?!

Yeah, LinYng is the best example
She look stress all the time
She told me she got lots assignments need to do
And must hand before due
EeLeng also
She got lots presentation
They always got money problem,assignment and etc...
Only a months they start college already have lots problem need to solve
So college life is NOT EASY

If you try your best you will be used to it actually
Everthing is possible
If you think you can, 100% you can
Wish me luck =)