Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Final Sprint.

Hey Hey Hey ;)
Yesterday, I went to SHOPPING with siblings my brother Kent sister Alicia and Vic.
First round. We went to Sg. Wang.  

Did I look scary ? Yes right. Just ignore this lah.
 We got nothing to buy at Sg. Wang. All the clothes are so colourful.
-Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Purple-
I don't want wear like RAINBOW you know ?! And all the clothes are no trying.

Staff : " Only RM25 "
Yeeying : " Okay , Boleh try ? "
Staff : " Semua tak boleh try "
Yeeying : " Har? Tak boleh try. Then ini tak mau. "

 Second round. We went to Pavilion. Awwww. I think Pavilion is so nice to shop compare to Sg. Wang.
 I don't know why ? We buy alots thing

Capture timeeeeee :-

 I the lights.

 Time to rest. Take a sit. Have a drink.
Welcome to CHATIME !!!

 This is the FIRST pictures I took with my sister.

 This should the SECOND pictures. Hahaha ;)

 Chatime { Milk Pearls Tea } with alots of pearls. BEST !!!

Third round. We went to Sunway Pyramid because my bother want to get a new pair of spectacular.
My sister and I help him to choose and help him take care of his wallet. Boys don't know how to choose the best thing with the best price. Hmmm... I know sometimes girls will do that also. Finally, he has choose a Lee Cooper brand spectacular. It is cool. RM278 without frame.

Forth round. Shopping again ? No. Just had a dinner with family at Tian Xiang Kee. Then.... Then....I back to my home. I feel good when I'm at my home.

 Ta Ta Ta Da !!!

Dont worry. I will not forget you. BB new year clothes.
Happy Chinese New Year
♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dong Dong Qiang...

Chinese New Year is around the corner. There are only 5 more days to go. Yippee :)
I want new clothes new shoe new bags and more. And I want more angpao too.
Hmmmm, I'm going to Thailand with my family this year to celebrate CNY.
Sawadikap... Kapkunkap...I'm so excited.
After that I will go to Singapore to meet my BABY BOY. We never meet each others around 1 month.
I miss him so much lah. * Seriously *
Tomorrow Sunday  right ? Hehehe. I gonna go to shopping again again and again.
Girls like to shopping. You  like to shopping. Yee ying like to SHOPPING too.
Bye bye !

Thursday, January 27, 2011

230111 ♥

I suppose to upload on Monday but I fail again. HAHAHA ;)
I went to pyramid with my LOVELY family to bought CNY stuff.

 My mum is MNG fans. When we went to pyramid we will go to MNG first.
My lil sis and I camwhore at MNG fitting room.

 * I love this picture

 This is what I bought from pyramid. I spent RM200 for only this few clothes. Daddy, can u give extra RM300 to buy again ? Hahahaha. Just kidding ;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Playful Kiss ♥

I spend my 2 days for watching this drama. It is similar with one of the Taiwan drama "恶作剧之吻". But I think Korean version is more interesting.

Oh Ha Ni is in the bottom of her class has had a crush on popular and genius male student named Baek Seung-Jo ever since she saw him on the first day of high school. Ha Ni decides to confess through a letter, but is rejected by Seung-Jo, who tells her that he hates stupid girls. Fate intervenes when a mild earthquake ruins Ha Ni's family's new house. While the house gets rebuilt, Ha Ni and her dad stay at the home of her dad's childhood friend, who happens to be Seung-Jo's father. Now the two must live together and fun and chaos occurs as Ha Ni tries to win Seung-Jo's heart.

Kim Hyun Joong is so handsome. He is the main character in the drama while the female main character also very pretty and cute.
 정말 좋아

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Webcam with BABY BOY yesterday :) He went to SINGAPORE again. Why ? Within a year, he will went to SINGAPORE for several times. Because his family is stay at there. His mother and sister are Singaporeans. He is also a half of Singaporean.

Oh yeah ! Singapore cyber cafe is in poor condition. There don't have good facilities for the customers Examples the mouse is not functioning. All this reason make us cant talk on webcam. I just can see his emotion on webcam. When he is playing poker I took some pictures. 

Bye bye ! 
See you tomorrow ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Short post.

Hi, I'm back to my LIFE now. I'm having holiday right now for 1 month. Yippee :)
So I got a lot time to EAT , PLAY , SLEEP.
Ciao guys, now is the time to fill up that calender !