Friday, February 26, 2010

why i was so unlucky?
what happens to me ?
I can't stop thinking about the guy.
Whenever i closed my eyes would remind me what happened that day.

Sorry, i know you never blame me but i can't forgive myself.

Kenneth's 19th birthday celebration

Happy Birthday to Kenneth Kam

Linyng planned a surprise birthday party for him
Me,pingyee,hsienqi,linyng,jiajian and eeleng are going accept layyee because she is not feeling well.

Eddy and linyng came and fetch me then we headed to eeleng's hse wait for others to come and join us.

Kenneth Kam went to asia cafe with his buddy

Linyng lies to him and tell him that only jian and her come and look for him.

haha. surprise =)

Eeleng,hsienqi,pingyee and me walked to Paparich to wait for Birthday Boy to come over.

3 leng lui

*u know I'm joking right?

they look so nervous

Kenneth Kam is here

Birthday song

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you

Linyng makes this card for him.
nice right? so colourful.
Many wishes inside the birthday card
Hopes you will like it and keep it nicely

Joel and kenneth

this 2 fella keep posing want me to take pictures.

Kenneth kam and me xD

me and hsienqi =0
i like this picture

Part 2
went to little bally cafe continue our gathering

I miss them so much
I miss yumcha sessions
when we can gathering again?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wednesday, went to 1U watched 72 Tenants of Property with my whole family.
Daddy mummy sister cousin auntie and my grandmother. Total 13 person.
Its was fun. =)
Especially my dad. This is my 1st times went to the movies with my dad.

That day was so many people went to watched movie.
Whole cinema so noisy like pasar malam.
After enter into the hall my dad started close his ear. I don't know why ? maybe the sound is too loud for him. He feel uncomfortable i think.
No next time for him already. He said stay at home watch tv better than that. Hahahaha.
The movies was super duper funny. with 180 artist.
Remember the scene that talking about the water-proof handphone?
3 auntie jump out. Ais-cream toothpaste and handmade milk.

Saturday. went to 1U shopping again. My mum said too bored so that we decide to go shopping.
My mum want to watch Tiger woohoo but no ticket.
Only me my 2nd sis and mum
My lil sis went to pyramid with her primary school friends. Without her i became so lonely.
Family day today.
Steamboat at home. My mum prepared all the food early in the morning.
I helped her . But all my sis just sitting in front of the tv and eating snack drinking air bunga

My sis want to do hair treatment so we to the saloon.
There got a leng zai hairstylist.
Look at my sis's hair. Damn funny.

Yesterday was so happy because i had spend time with my loved family.
I love you all forever.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chinese new year

I no need to go back to hometown because my hometown is close to my house.
I think 10 minutes can reach there. Haha =)
Lin yng went back to Ipoh during chinese new year.
Unfortunately, lin yng's grandpa fell into longkang.
He was sent to hospital. Ribcage cracked.
So charm.
Lin yng told me that her grandpa stayed inside the longkang for 2 hours. Almost 6 feet deep.
Oh my god. How can a old gong gong tahan for 2 hours inside the longkang? He asked for help but no ones can hear because there is too noisy.
Zi mei went to hospital also. Vomit and fever.
I called her. She told me now feel better already just went to hospital for body check only.
Tiger year was unlucky for who are born in 1992.
Many bad things happened.
Dont give up. Tomorrow will be better.

The 1st day of chinese new year.
Went to grandmother's hse in the morning.
Then started camwhore. XD

And collect ang pao.
The 1st ang pao was received from my dad. 7am something i think.
Wow... My dad so nervous. new year wishes
1. I wish my family have always good health
2. Good luck in everything they do
3. My brother business become better and better
4. My lil sister can get all pass in PMR
5. My big sister can get a good job in this year

Hopes all my wishes can achieve. Yeah !!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

前天 昨天 今天都被哥哥骂
我知道最近家里状况不好 我也很配合他们的需求 没有反抗
虽然给他骂了心里很不爽 我也忍气吞声 掉了几滴眼泪
毕竟他是我哥哥 如果我不帮他就没有人要帮他了

前两天爸爸去医院检查身体 医生就叫他明天早上来住院 可是他不要
妈妈劝了他很多次 他还是不要
爸爸在家里一直吵说这里不舒服 哪里不舒服
但是今天他终于去了医院 因为早上他觉得心里不舒服 呼吸很困难
叫哥哥关店回来载他去医院 他一直催我 要我打给哥哥要他快点回来
我打给哥哥 哥哥又骂我 我不打的话爸爸又骂我

爸爸的样子看起来很老 没有精神 没有活力
我知道他不想进医院 是因为怕我们会担心 怕费用会很高

Sunday, February 7, 2010

爸爸最近经常觉得不舒服 没有上班 收入减少了
他不是不要给 是没有多余的钱给她
他要给房租 供车
哥哥的店有钱赚 但是没有钱周转
他要给租金 买货
妈妈也很辛苦 为了要照顾爸爸她瘦了一大圈
爸爸 哥哥 姐姐 没有给她伙食费
妹妹的学费 补习费 统统都需要用到钱

我的工钱很少 也不知道怎样帮他们
就算我哭也没有用 问题一样还在

没有钱的话 生活会很辛苦
我们不可以乱花钱 因为爸爸妈妈赚钱真的很辛苦
我们做几天的工 就喊累
比起他们 我们真的差很多

我真的很想哭 眼泪一直流下来

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bad mood

Monday is the last day working.
A very long working hours.
But not tired, because very few customer.
Last Saturday and Sunday lin yng never work.
She left me a person go shopping
Luckily got pui man accompany me.
If not you all cannot see me already.
You should know what i'm saying.
He was a good boss,but he good enough to let us feel uncomfortable.
I decide not to work with him.
I can help my brother take care of his shop.
And my mum she will paiy my salary.
Better than nothing.
Everything need money.
There is no money,life would be difficult.

In another 3 months i will enter college.
Every problem have to solve by myself.
No one can rely to.
After graduation, all my friends are busy with thier own future.
No more gathering.
This really makes people sad. =(
Miss them so much.
Is not a very good mood these days
My minds there was always a lot of memories.