Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Failure Surprise

We was supposed to give a surprise to Birthday Girl, Lin Yng. But we fail. HAHAHAHA =)
When to Alice's house with BABY BOY while waiting Jean and Vinccy to come to meet us.
Then headed to Paparich because got 2 sha po not yet had their dinner.
While waiting for the Sui Yng, we went to KK lake to take pictures. Vinccy and Alice brought super pro camera too.

* I miss her long hair *

* pretty girl *

* by sony camera *

* by nikon D90

Phew... The only pictures that i took with the Birthday Girl. You're the event manager of us. Without you the plan will fail. Please be responsible on your jobs. HAHAHAHA =)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Linyng, Happy Birthday to U

Can I call you darling ? Hmmmmm.......Can lah.
Happy Birthday to Youuu !!!

Sorry that yesterday I have to go back early. Cannot celebrate with you. At least got Jean and Vinccy celebrate with you. This is your cake. Do you like it ? Look like you right ? HAHAHAHA =)

Lets review back the older memories !

*ngek ngek *

* I love this picture *

*awwww... We look young *

* Superwomen *

* 1...2...3...Jump*

* 8 top model *

Please don't forget all the nice memories !!! I know it not important for you you and you. But it really important for me. *seriously*

Linyng, I know we are not that close like last time like the pictures that I upload. I believe that our friendship will last forever. And always be happy with eddy.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

爱 ???

什么是? 你真的知道它的用意吗?我倒是猜不透。
爱情的问题没人能解决 没人能插手 只有当事人才可以清楚了解问题的发生 对吗?
很老土吧?但是没办法。爱就是这样 让人迷惘 让人伤心
我不是要说我很懂!可是我只是看不过 那些对爱情不专的人伤害那些对爱情专一的人
我是一个爱哭鬼 遇到问题就会哭 虽然知道没有用但是不知道还能做些什么
眼泪就会不自觉地 一颗一颗地 伤心痛哭地 滑下来
就是要愿打愿挨 想着一起度过的开心日子 要坦白 要彼此退让
祝有情人终成眷属 爱情升温 感情融洽

Monday, December 27, 2010

251210 ♥

Christmas went to Pyramid with the lovely family
mum,chien ,christine and christopher
Before we going out camwhore with lil sis

As you know , during public holidays all the shopping centre is full especially Sunway Pyramid.
We shopping from 11 am - 5:30 pm . Legs gonna patah soon.
So we find a nice place sit for rest. And start perasan again =)

*just ignore the LV bag. Not mine 1 lah.

* fatty cousin

*outfit of the day

A lame movie we watched on that day. Wasted money and time also.
But, he is cute. I think he come out on the scene not more that 15minutes.
He can speak english very " well ". You know what I means ? HAHAHAHA =)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas people !!!
Going to pyramid with FAMILY
Stay Tuned

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X'mas to Youuuuuu

"Annyeong-hanseyo" & "Sarang-heyo"
X'mas eve where to go ? Hmmm. I just stay at home celebrate together with my lovely family.
my BABY BOY is coming back o 25th of December. Means tomorrow lah . HAHAHA =)
I'm waiting for him. And my present also. Thanks you so much.
Last but not least, I would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you.
Bye Bye !!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

나는 한국을 사랑

I'm really fall in love with them
They are so handsome...
They are so pretty...
They are talented !!!

This is my favourite boy band of KOREA
C.N Blue
Theirs song is so nice to hear especially I'm loner
"Victoria...Vitoria...da la di li da la du..."


Yonghwa and Seohyun are took part in the entertainment television programme
"We got married" that LIN YNG recommend to me
It is a nice and funny entertainment programme
If you got any free time go and watch it

x x

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I had complete my last coursework today
No more coursework to do at the following weeks
Just wait for FINAL EXAMINATION on 6th of Jan
Nightmare for me !!!

Baby boy really cannot come back on 23rd of Dec
Because all the bus ticket are full
Ding Dong Bell Ding Dong Bell is just around the corner
Alots of tourists going to SINGAPORE to celebrate the X'mas
I hope I can go also but I gotta prepare for FINAL
Can die liao
I got 5 subject have to study
I hate IOM and ITS
especially ITS
It about technology
I really blur with that
*no comment
Now I'm alone
I'm hungry
I want to cook maggie
Bye !!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


His sister going to birth a baby on this week i think
Congrats to his sister =)
I wish the baby boy is healthy and cute
like this picture below

Now I'm talking about my BABY BOY
He went to SIN last Monday
He went there for 11 days
He told me that maybe he will come back on 23rd of DEC
But i don't think so
* doink *
I miss my BABY BOY like hell
It is just 3 days I already feel suffering that he is not beside me
Somemore that he need to work at SIN
Seriously ,
Not 2 month
Not 2 weeks
Not 2 days
Is 2 years

X'mas is around the corner
wish all of you have enjoyable time with the beloved, friends and family
x x

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Suddenly feel want to blog today =)
What title today ?
Don't know !
My lil sis is a blogger now
Lets be a followers
Her's blog are quite interesting to read I think
When she going to upload some pic to her blog
She will edit the pictures nicely before she upload on it

Yesterday, I went to swim with my DARLING, lil sister Chien, and my cousin Christine & Christopher
The weather is good
It is cloudy and windy
Went back at 7pm then headed back to home for dinner
All of us are freaking hungry after swimming
It really have fun with them
That's all !!!
See you =)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pizza ♥

Pizza with the Baby Boy and her Lil sister
It is a long time that I never eat pizza
Pizza is

Thai Seafood Pizza

Mushroom soup

Lets start to using our camera to capture all the NICE memories !!!

*say cheeese

*he look evil

* twins

*my BBC

*sweet couple

Really have fun with them
Darling, I U
Do u ?