Friday, June 24, 2011


Oh yeah ! I'm a girl as usual. Hahahahaha :) But sometimes I wish I'm a boy because become a boy I don't need to suffer from period for every month. Every girls hate PERIOD. I think there are nobody like it. Period will make our skin turn bad and muscle will pain also. Arghhhhh still got alot of symptoms that girls suffer. 
But, it also a benefit for girls. You know why ? I also dont know. So girls we can just appreciate that what God give to us !  Fighting 

That's all. Bye Bye
I  Lee Kah Weng   

Sunday, June 12, 2011

110611 ♥

Super 8 a movie about alien ! This few month almost all the movie  showing is talk about alien, war ....Is it because of  our world going to end ? I hope No. Everyone hope No also. Please protect our earth. This is responsibility of all of the human being ! Please take these as a serious matter. 
Back to topic. Lil sis, Baby Boy and I went to pyramid for movie. It is crowded because school going to reopen very soon so everyone have to enjoy during this weekends. Hahaha : D I want to enjoy too. 

Chatime : DD

Some snack before going in to the hall.
 " Ireland's Potato "

Pictures of the night : 

Please don't spot my pimples !

 We love toilets too !

 One of the fav pictures of the night.
Conclusion,the movie are boring at the first part but overall was not bad.We almost fall asleep.That's all. Bye

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For me

This is a short post for my own. Since I never write a post for myself so this is the 1st one. 
Form 3 until now my hair style always the same one. I don't dare to change because I scare not nice. My grandmother always complaint about my hair. She said my hair like mop. Hahahahaha. I think girls should have long hair so that we can attract many guys. Crazy right ?! 
Lets talk about my college life ! 
It is like nightmare. College can meet friends. I really don't think so. College are so boring for me because I got no close friends in my group. I'm being exclusion from them. I want to know why ? But I don't dare to ask this kind of silly question ! How ? I'm very friendly person during secondary school. I'm clown of them. I always make them smile. They loves to be friends with me ! I really miss those time. I need a machine to revive back. If it worth 100 million, I will try my best to get it. 
Nothing much to talk about. Bye !