Monday, July 25, 2011

Final !

 Timetable for final is out ! Aghhhhhhhh......

Let's see
17/8/2011 Wednesday -- Management of Accounting
19/8/2011 Friday         --Principle Finance
22/8/2011 Monday      --Basic Taxation
23/8/2011 Tuesday      --Entrepreneurship
24/8/2011 Wednesday --Financial Accounting

I'm not ready yet. I haven't start a single thing yet. Hope tutor and lectures will give some hint for final.
Should start to manage my time and my "lovely" notes also.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

230711 ♥

Hey blogger, I'm back again.
Baby Boy off yesterday :) So we went to Sunway Pyramid for movie ! We got no idea what movie to watch. Before that, went to Kenny Rogers for lunch. What's now ? Let's camwhore...

Hanna is a killer movie. Her father train Hanna to become a killer. Not bad ! 

After movie around 615pm, headed to Pudu for dinner. Federal Highway, why you always jammm ? But I'm still enjoy with it. 

Old Kuala Lumpur... Nice feel with tasty food 

Kenny Rogers's 1/4 Chicken Meal                                                                                               Lok Lok
   Taufu Pok                                                                                                                                     ABC

I tie my hair myself. Nice right ? If I fail to be an accountant I can go to fashion fields especially Hair Stylist
Going to the curve now. Ciao