Thursday, November 24, 2011

Assignments and Tests !

Ohaiyo :D
This semester really drive me crazyyyyy ! Since last two week I had pass up 2 assignment and I sat for two test in a day. Next week is the due date for another assignment which is Financial Management.  I don't like all the subject from this semester because there are theory no calculation. I'm actually study Accounting but why only few calculation subject ?! 
For the assignment part, everyone is just their own part then we combine all the information together. This is the best way I think because if we discuss together there will appear problem of brain storming. But for our team we got the best Team Work Power. Although we did it last min but we still can pass up on time !  
Bye. I still got two test on next Wednesday. It is time to move my concentrate to my note ! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2pm Hands Up Asia Tour In Malaysia 2011

2pm going to come to Malaysia on 25th November. I want to go so badly but the tickets is kinda expensive. I can't afford it. I had participate few contest to get a chance to win it. Please let me win the pass to meet them.  Thankiu very much :D

Saturday, November 5, 2011

111104 ♥

Hello peepo 안녕  . It's November now. I have mentioned again that "Time Flies Very Fast". 2011 is going to end soon. People are grow older and older. And I going to turn 20 years old. Agrhhhhhhhh...
Back to topic. I went to One Utama with my younger sister for Uniqlo.
 I'm not the lucky 300 customers to grab the Uniqlo Tootie Bag. What time they queuing actually ? The flyer said that start at 10am and I queue at 10am but all the tootie already finish. What ???????

Most of them is Aunts and Uncle -.-

 Nice movie. Justin Timberlake is so handsome when he is half naked.

 Once I went to One Utama, I'm always had lunch at Sushi Zanmai.

 Food of the day 

 Photograph by Yee Chien

Photograph by me  감사합니다