Wednesday, January 6, 2010

working day =(

toilet,kepong jusco
Today i worked at kepong.
Promote Bizzy Body. rm60 per day. 11:30am-7:30pm
I walked for whole day and promote those packages to customer.
Most of the customer dont want to layan me.
I passed by the same place more than 5 times.
My leg gonna patah soon.
Haha. I only work for ONE day.
i mm shuang the Bizzy Body's consultant because she scold me.
She said im so Blur
Today is 1st day,okay?
I have to understand all the thing 1st.
only i can promote to customer right?
then i called to Gary(Bizzy Body's agent)
I told him i dont want work anymore.
Today is the 1st day and the last day for me to work.
So sorry.
I'm not xiao qi.
The consultant said i have to push customer and get in to their shop.
It is Office Hour.
All the ppl have to work. And they are soooooooooooo busy not like you all just sitting down there and do nothing.
I explain to them alr.
They dont want to go in.
What can i do?
They dont want to use brain to think. Its okay.
Non of my business.
i'm just being the way i am.
Do not bother what they said.
*time to sleep.Good night.

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