Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Went to Genting worked for 6 days
Tuesday to Sunday
The most funny thing is...
Sunday got a live football match "Man United vs Liverpool"
We got 5 promoter girl
The manager ask us promote this match to customer and ask customer to drink
1 promoter have to hit 15 people as a target
Means total 75 people for 5 of us
Excuse me ?! Do you know how hard is this ?
Fine. We just try all our best

yeeying : 先生要不要喝酒啊?RM15任你喝还有的看现场球赛.
customer A : 不要啦!我不能喝
customer B : 不要!不要!喝醉了老婆会打我
customer C : 我不能喝,我是christian

WTH !!!
Uncle, if you are christian you cannot gambling also la
I never heard people say before that christian cannot drink beer lo
If you don't want just reject me okay ?
i gao dim 15 people to go there.
Praise me please !!! =)

I came back from Monday
By bus --> monorail --> Lrt
I reached Kelana jaya lrt around 1045am
I called my mum come and fetch me
After that we went to Dataran Prima for breakfast
Long time never see my mum
I miss her

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