Thursday, March 11, 2010

I got my results this morning
I expect no A's right?
But i get..............................................................2 A !!!
When i get my result I'm stone
Not because of good
Since i know Layyee got 6A Pingyee 6A Eeleng 6A
I'm jealous
All my friends get good result in SPM
I tell myself
" why i only get 2 A ?"
I cried...
I called my mum told her I ONLY get 2A for my SPM
My mum never expect I can get 2A
She said as long as i try all my best
Thanks to my mum
She really give me alot of support

Before going to school, we had breakfast at SS15 silva
Most of us got no mood to eat.

This 2 fella still got mood to camwhore

Innocent faces
I want to whack both of them

Pn. Loges curi curi tengok

Siang fan are so excited when she got her result.
And her result is good

went to Pyramid redbox around 12 something
The guys join us also

Picture of the day
Lee lin yng brought me to tutti frutti
she said want to belanja me
Lychee and chocolate flavor
Lychee is more nice

Congratulate to yong sui Linyng and Pingyee
They got their P license
Thanks Linyng sent me back to my brother's shop
I'm enjoy today
Thanks you guys to comfort me
I'm really okay with it

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