Sunday, April 18, 2010

1 years

I break up with Ing wei already a years
Time really flies
We never meet each others for so long time
But those memory still fresh in my mind

*How we meet?
When I was form 3
I worked at LuLuBelle@SunwayPyramid
One day, there are 3 guy (Ing wei, Joesinn and Nescafe)come and ask my phone number but i never gave it to them
I just gave my msn to them
At first,Ing wei never contact me
Only his friend Joesinn and Nescafe chat with me
After a week, he only contact me by asking his friend about my phone number
5 April 2007,we start our Love Story

**The first place we dating ?
12 April 2007 is our first dating at Time Square

***Which clothes that we wearing on the first dating ?
I was wearing a pink colour shirt and short jeans skirt
He was wearing a white colour jacket, a black colour T-shirt and long jeans

****What movie we watched on the first dating ?
Narnia~ the first movie with him

*****When he saw me what kind of response?
He was so cute man
He was very enthusiastic also
When he saw me he hold my hand very tight
And he hug me also
I was shock that time

All those are happy memory
Still got lots sad memory
But I don't want to mention it
Even though we are break up, but we still contact each others
Because we are friend

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