Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 1 @TARC

Today is the first day to college
And I slept very well yesterday
No nightmare =)
My class start at 10am until 12pm
There are divide into 2 groups
Group A : A--K (400 students) and Group B : L--S (400 students)
I'm in the group B
This is for the first week only
Just follow by the surname

Okay !
Today i reached college around 930am
Me and wei wah walk all the way to the hall
What DKD ?!
Both of us was sweating
The weather really drive me crazy
I want to take off my shirt if I can do that as well
Of cause inside the hall is full of air-condition
I want to take pic but i don't dare to take out my camera
So no pic for this post and the rest i think
I try my best to take more pic
And the first lessons is....
Assets Equity Liabilities
I learn this during Form 4
Is the same la
The whole lessons quite easy
I didn't get to meet jia jian today
Brother you should come early so that we can sit together
Tomorrow la kay ?!
My dad went to hospital yesterday
Today he going to do operation
I went to visit him yesterday
He wearing the green colour shirt and pants
Like ah pek u know ?!
And the food is bad
It is tasteless
I never try la
But look at my dad emotion
I know it is not good
Government hospital ma
You can't expect so much also
hope you will get well soon

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