Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alice open house party

Went to Alice Liew Ping Yee new house
Hooray !!!
I met my dear sistar and brother
So glad to met them
Reached there around 5 something
There are lots of auntie uncle and kids
And her house are so beautiful
Those decoration are simple but really nice
Japan style
especially her sister room

camwhore at her room
Pingyee room are cute
Pink colour
After that, we went to old town yum cha
Around 7pm we went back to Pingyee's house
She help me to blow my hair

My hair look straight right ?
Thanks Pingyee
I rate 9.5 of 10
Satisfaction ? =)
Finally my brother came to Pingyee's house
They slow like turtle

In between
Loser will become the picture below
Model no. 1
Model no. 2
Model no. 3
Model no.4
Model no.5
Nevermind is just a game
Enjoy it
Thanks to Pingyee invite me to her new house
I am happy that we gather again

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