Friday, June 25, 2010

Alice Sweetest 18th birthday

Happy Birthday

Surprise ?
I think I can go hollywood to start a movie already
She tot PDDK 5SK1 never celebrate her birthday
She told me that they seems like very busy
She feel disappointed
We plan a surprise celebration with her
But her boyfriend told her that we gonna celebrate with her
So, only 50% surprise !!!
She went to celebrate with her class mate
LinYng EeLeng XiaoZhen LayYee and I gather at MC'D to wait her back home
Then give her a surprise
Everyone hiding behind the car
She going to cry when she saw us

Chitchat and camwhore at her new house~

Her birthday present
2 mask
1 eye linear gel
2 fake eyelashes

Group pictures with the birthday girl

Last but not least
Hope you always stay pretty as me
Wishes you all your dream come true

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