Friday, June 11, 2010

Group assignments need to do
Test due next week (Hubungan Etnik, Microeconomics)
Role Play for English Language
Presentation for every subject

The most worst thing is....
I don't like the group leader
He think that he very smart
He know how to do all the thing =.=
He keep acting
He like to present but he not good in presentation
Those tutor don't really like him also
He get 7'A for his SPM so he become leader for all the subject
I don't know how they choose
*no comment
and he almost told all the people that he is scholarship holder
He never respects to the tutor
When the tutor teaching in front of us he keep stop the tutor
He said he is always correct and the tutor is wrong
They are more knowledgeable than you
RESPECT la please ?!

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