Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today is the day 1 for FINAL
And now i realize DAC is f***ing alots people
When I going to enter the class I was stuck at the stairs
Oh No !!!
Why got alots of accountants in my college ?
erm erm erm erm
I think there are almost 800 people studying the same course with me if I'm not mistaken
When i walked on the road there are full of LCCI holders
I gonna go for ACCA so that I can survive among all the people
Is hard man =.=
ACCA can earn more money in the future

I never go for shopping for 3 weeks ady
My mom need to work for this whole month
Because now is Bulan Ramadhan
She need to do flower arrangements
Her working hours
from 8am to 11pm
More than 12 hours per day
Somemore no off day tim~
She think she is robot
No need to rest
Why so san fu?
Because of $$$
And hor
She go to work I have to complete all the housework
For my mom that is a easy job but for me it is hard
Ciao guys
I have to continue my housework =.=

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