Monday, September 13, 2010

I ♥ Singapore - Day 1

I'm late
I got 100+ picssss to upload on facebook
Actually that one not a problem
Is the line problem
I took alots of pics
Now, let the pics tell the story okay ?

I woke up at 530am
Teehee =)
I am too excited
Cannot sleep at the night
so i just woke up and triple check my luggage
He came and fetch me to took bus at 1 Utama
After 5 hours
Finally we reached our destination

Singapore flyer

Singapore toll ERP

Singapore toll

The driver are so friendly compare to Malaysia
They always follow meter when they fetch passenger

The place are so big
I think can put 2 big luggage

After 20 minutes, we reached Whaopo
I put my thing at his room
Then we went to garden for a walk
and took alots stupid pictures

this is the place for grandpa and grandma to relax,
play chess and chit chat
The environment are so good
the air is fresh



Around 6pm we went to Bugis Street
Start shopping
the style like sungei wang

New shopping mall near Bugis Street

Pei pei & yee ying

Pei pei are queue up
KOI cafe
the bubble tea is nice

We went to Ajisen Ramen for dinner
I love valcona ramen
but spicy
My lips turns red
hehe ;)

Hazelnuts milk bubble tea

thats all
Stay tuned for Day 2

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