Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sem break ♥

I'm having my 1st sem break guys
freaking happy lah =)
I want to forget all the formulae, theory and ....etc
Lets enjoy the 22 days holidays
Time flies,
I already complete my 1st sem in college
After 22 days
Is a new beginning again
All the subject become tough and tough
Means I gonna have more stress after this holiday
But fine,
I don't know what will happen to morrow
I can't estimate it
So just enjoy your life
No stress No succesful

I going to Singapore next Tuesday with my dear
I'm exited right now
Singapore is a beautiful count ry
clean and the view is really nice
How i know ?
Google lah doink =.=
I will take alots pic
And alots fun with my dear

Singapore , I'm coming !!!

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