Friday, October 15, 2010

My life

Now studying Semester 2 in TARC
It is busy semester for me
We require to complete the 2 credit hours for the Co-curriculum
If not you cannot proceed to the Advance Diploma
What a good news
so I terpaksa to choose BADMINTON as my co-co

2 more weeks got a test for MACROECONOMICS
Means have to start study ady lo
2 more weeks got a presentation for ENGLISH OF COMMUNICATION
Means have to do my powerpoint and outline lo
2 more weeks got a an assignment for FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTING
Means have to complete a report lo

Sui lin yng sms me just now
Lin yng : " sui yeh you pak to until don't need to update blog already ?"
Deng~I got many appointment lah
No time mah
Alots people date me out
When are you coming to yum cha with me ?
I miss u nia
Hope you miss me too ya

Hows my boy and I ?
Lee Kah Weng , I lub you.

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