Wednesday, December 15, 2010


His sister going to birth a baby on this week i think
Congrats to his sister =)
I wish the baby boy is healthy and cute
like this picture below

Now I'm talking about my BABY BOY
He went to SIN last Monday
He went there for 11 days
He told me that maybe he will come back on 23rd of DEC
But i don't think so
* doink *
I miss my BABY BOY like hell
It is just 3 days I already feel suffering that he is not beside me
Somemore that he need to work at SIN
Seriously ,
Not 2 month
Not 2 weeks
Not 2 days
Is 2 years

X'mas is around the corner
wish all of you have enjoyable time with the beloved, friends and family
x x

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