Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Final Sprint.

Hey Hey Hey ;)
Yesterday, I went to SHOPPING with siblings my brother Kent sister Alicia and Vic.
First round. We went to Sg. Wang.  

Did I look scary ? Yes right. Just ignore this lah.
 We got nothing to buy at Sg. Wang. All the clothes are so colourful.
-Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Purple-
I don't want wear like RAINBOW you know ?! And all the clothes are no trying.

Staff : " Only RM25 "
Yeeying : " Okay , Boleh try ? "
Staff : " Semua tak boleh try "
Yeeying : " Har? Tak boleh try. Then ini tak mau. "

 Second round. We went to Pavilion. Awwww. I think Pavilion is so nice to shop compare to Sg. Wang.
 I don't know why ? We buy alots thing

Capture timeeeeee :-

 I the lights.

 Time to rest. Take a sit. Have a drink.
Welcome to CHATIME !!!

 This is the FIRST pictures I took with my sister.

 This should the SECOND pictures. Hahaha ;)

 Chatime { Milk Pearls Tea } with alots of pearls. BEST !!!

Third round. We went to Sunway Pyramid because my bother want to get a new pair of spectacular.
My sister and I help him to choose and help him take care of his wallet. Boys don't know how to choose the best thing with the best price. Hmmm... I know sometimes girls will do that also. Finally, he has choose a Lee Cooper brand spectacular. It is cool. RM278 without frame.

Forth round. Shopping again ? No. Just had a dinner with family at Tian Xiang Kee. Then.... Then....I back to my home. I feel good when I'm at my home.

 Ta Ta Ta Da !!!

Dont worry. I will not forget you. BB new year clothes.
Happy Chinese New Year
♥ ♥ ♥

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