Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sem 4 !

After 28 days holiday , Sem 4 gonna start after 1 week ! Oh noooooo.... I gonna be lonely and lonely.
My college friends is not my true  friends ! I try to be friendly but fail. My friends and I like different channel you know ? What they talk about laugh about I really cannot get it. Not because I'm cool. There no such point make me want to laugh. Sem 4 start to learn something new and hard I think. I hate the time table also. 8am class from Monday to Friday ! Sob =.=

I want to go back to secondary school life. I miss the time we play together. We always lepak all the time. Even though we like to play at any time, we still can concentrate on our studies. During exam, we always ask about sejarah questions. After chinese class, we went to Pyramid for lunch. I'm really enjoy it.

Time pass. Life changes. People changes. 

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