Thursday, September 22, 2011

What is my career path ?

College start this week. While the first week is only have lecture class and tutorial will be on the second week. One of my lecturer is a 60 years old. He is teaching Management Accounting. He is strong and knowledgeable uncle. He told us alot of life principles. And he asked us what is our career path ? The first thing that pop in my mind is Accountant ! I don't know it is that job that I want to go in. There are many job that I can go in like banking, auditing, taxation. 

Why I choose to study Accounting ? Because I love to count. Because I love numbers. 
I'm thinking which firm should I go ? I have to think now because once you get into the firm that you doesn't have much interesting. That is wasting alot of time ! Duration of my course is 4 years including Diploma and Advance Diploma ( Degree). And yet I want to continue to ACCA. It is not easy as I think. There are so many people giving up. They just complete theirs Diploma and start working. ACCA paper is follow International Standard. Not only ACCA paper is all accounting paper that is studying now. The way to become a professional accountant is gonna be tough and tougher. 

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