Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mama Lee

This is my mama. Yes she is my only mama in the world. Sometimes I hate her because she like argue with me. Sometimes she likes to talk to me. After I argue with her, i will regret. Don't know why ? Maybe because she is my mum and she is getting older and older. She is elder so i have to pay some respect to her right ? Sorry that I'm not the good daughter. One of the reason that I choose to studies Accounting is because of my mum. She want me to get a better job in the future. 

The job for a professional mama
1. Cook for the whole family every single day
2. Wash the clothes for whole family 
3. Do housework everyday 

No off-day No salary No maid 
I'm so proud to be your daughter. Yes I'm serious ! *no kidding*

It's time to let Mama Lee get some rest. Brother and two older sister was sponsor my mum went to a Langkawi trip by flight with my aunts and grandma. She is excited because she can't fall asleep a day before the trip. Hahahaha cute ! 
Before she go to Langkawi, I've printed out a list of chocolate to her and ask her to bought for us. She don't know how to speak so i just printed out the pictures of chocolate so that she know what to buy.  Good idea right ? These are the chocolate she bought for us from Langkawi. 

I gonna finish it in 3 days ! Ciao guys. See you :D

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