Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family day

went 1u with my lovely family.
My mom promises me and my sis that today she have to bring us out for shopping because she is busy during school holidays.
So we stayed at home during the 2 months holidays.
Too bored.
And we gonna Fa Mou alr.
We reached 1u around 2:30pm
There are so many people.
Big bag Small bag.
we went to Giordano to buy my black pant for 21 jan job.

Before go back to home, we went to Padini Concept Store.
sandal@Padini Concept Store
Yeah !!!
my mum & my sis
my mum & meI <3 my family

feel dizzy after shopping.
I didnt sleep well yesterday.
busy to update my blog.
Tomorrow have to help my brother take care his shop because he is not feeling well.
So bad.
He didnt pay me salary and i gotta help him also.
Have to wake up early in the morning again.
My skin become worst and worst nowadays.
Hopes he can get well soon.
*Tired. Sleep. Bye

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