Friday, February 26, 2010

Kenneth's 19th birthday celebration

Happy Birthday to Kenneth Kam

Linyng planned a surprise birthday party for him
Me,pingyee,hsienqi,linyng,jiajian and eeleng are going accept layyee because she is not feeling well.

Eddy and linyng came and fetch me then we headed to eeleng's hse wait for others to come and join us.

Kenneth Kam went to asia cafe with his buddy

Linyng lies to him and tell him that only jian and her come and look for him.

haha. surprise =)

Eeleng,hsienqi,pingyee and me walked to Paparich to wait for Birthday Boy to come over.

3 leng lui

*u know I'm joking right?

they look so nervous

Kenneth Kam is here

Birthday song

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you

Linyng makes this card for him.
nice right? so colourful.
Many wishes inside the birthday card
Hopes you will like it and keep it nicely

Joel and kenneth

this 2 fella keep posing want me to take pictures.

Kenneth kam and me xD

me and hsienqi =0
i like this picture

Part 2
went to little bally cafe continue our gathering

I miss them so much
I miss yumcha sessions
when we can gathering again?

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