Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wednesday, went to 1U watched 72 Tenants of Property with my whole family.
Daddy mummy sister cousin auntie and my grandmother. Total 13 person.
Its was fun. =)
Especially my dad. This is my 1st times went to the movies with my dad.

That day was so many people went to watched movie.
Whole cinema so noisy like pasar malam.
After enter into the hall my dad started close his ear. I don't know why ? maybe the sound is too loud for him. He feel uncomfortable i think.
No next time for him already. He said stay at home watch tv better than that. Hahahaha.
The movies was super duper funny. with 180 artist.
Remember the scene that talking about the water-proof handphone?
3 auntie jump out. Ais-cream toothpaste and handmade milk.

Saturday. went to 1U shopping again. My mum said too bored so that we decide to go shopping.
My mum want to watch Tiger woohoo but no ticket.
Only me my 2nd sis and mum
My lil sis went to pyramid with her primary school friends. Without her i became so lonely.
Family day today.
Steamboat at home. My mum prepared all the food early in the morning.
I helped her . But all my sis just sitting in front of the tv and eating snack drinking air bunga

My sis want to do hair treatment so we to the saloon.
There got a leng zai hairstylist.
Look at my sis's hair. Damn funny.

Yesterday was so happy because i had spend time with my loved family.
I love you all forever.

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