Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm back from Genting

I would like to congratulate to my dear friend
Leong Ee Leng and Toh Hsien Qi
They get their P license last week
Yeah !!! Both of you can go anywhere you wants.
Don't forget 1 thing ya.
Remember fetch me out. hahaha

Spm result is coming out on this Thursday
I can die already
I'm so nervous and I can't sleep well this few days
How many A's i can get?
let me think about it....
no A
I want pass only
High expectations. high disappointments
am i right?
I'm going TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN COLLEGE to continue my further studies
and taking Diploma in Accounting
Everyone told me its hard but i know if i try my best i can do it well
Trust me okay?

Lee lin yng
Just choose which college you want to go.
After SPM result go ask your parents and see what they say.
If you go INTI can you do me a favor?
Can you fetch go to TARC? I want to register.
I will pay you money. RM0.01.

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