Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yesterday msn with alan

alan : Leng lui where u study ? and taking what course?
yeeying : yes. I'm going TARC after take my SPM result. I take Diploma in Accounting.
alan : wow...y u go so far ? U go EU la. There come out alot talents
yeeying : EU? what is that ?
alan : huh? u don't know mah ?
yeeying : I really don't know what is that. =(
alan : EU Institute. They focus on account only. very good 1
yeeying : Orh. Okay. where is the place then ?
alan : PJ. taman Paramount. 1 Lrt can reach ad
yeeying : hmmmmm.... I try to discuss with my mum

After alan told me all this. I'm start confusing =(
I'm thinking should i go to EU ?
I discuss with my mum also. She said wait my SPM result come out first then only plan where I want to study .
Linyng told me that last time eddy study at there also. And now Xiaozhen also there.
How? I don't know la.

Yeah !!!
I'm going Super Junior concert next Saturday with Ms. yong sui lee lin yng
How awesome man ??!!
My sis give the ticket to me because she is busy
I never go any concert before. This is my 1st concert in my life.
Saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada kakak saya.

Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour

I'm so glad to see you all.

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