Saturday, March 27, 2010

Out with best friends

wake up at 7am
after prepare my stuff then headed to Leong ee leng's house
plan to had breakfast at AhXian@Taipan with darlings
Good hygiene


Food of the day =)

char siew cheong fen
not bad~

two of them look like reporter


They are planning how to finish the siew mai and char siew cheong fen

lat da li lat dam boom~
Loser have to finish the food
The loser is Ms. Leong ee leng and Ms. Lee lin yng

Eeleng have to finish the siew mai
Linyng have to gao dim char siew cheong fen

*frown queen
she don't like siew mei
we finish our breakfast around 11:30am
after that we went to PosLaju buy wang pos for LCCI cert
went back to eeleng's house waiting jian come and fetch me to TARC

I and jian already register
and summit those documents to them
*got a bit regret actually
then headed to subang fetch kenneth and eeleng out for lunch

jian's breakfast
Have lots fun with the gang today
must plan another gathering again~
after 1 more month i have to study at KL
there are so far from my house
I'll stay at there for 4 year
no one can fetch go subang then fetch me back to my college right?
Gathering 0.01%

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