Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Linyng, Happy Birthday to U

Can I call you darling ? Hmmmmm.......Can lah.
Happy Birthday to Youuu !!!

Sorry that yesterday I have to go back early. Cannot celebrate with you. At least got Jean and Vinccy celebrate with you. This is your cake. Do you like it ? Look like you right ? HAHAHAHA =)

Lets review back the older memories !

*ngek ngek *

* I love this picture *

*awwww... We look young *

* Superwomen *

* 1...2...3...Jump*

* 8 top model *

Please don't forget all the nice memories !!! I know it not important for you you and you. But it really important for me. *seriously*

Linyng, I know we are not that close like last time like the pictures that I upload. I believe that our friendship will last forever. And always be happy with eddy.


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