Thursday, April 21, 2011

200411 ♥ KLCC

Yeah ! I learn how to makeup ady. I only put eyeliner to make my eye looks bigger. 
Luckily I got double eyelids if not my eye will only looks like a line.

Aha, I want to share my happiness =D
My BABY BOY is half of my life. He is very prefect boyfriend for me ! He always is the best even he is bad temper. I don't care about it. 
Sometimes he makes me cried alots but I know he loves me. Sometimes he makes me feel hurt but I know he is care about me. 
Second things, college life is my nightmare. Don't have good friends at college. I'm always alone. Everyday I took lrt to college alone. I have a fear. He always encourages in my side when I feel unhappy and lonely. He makes me rely on. He is my strength

Back to topic.
I went to KLCC yesterday with my BABY BOY ! ! He brought alots of happiness for me.

Is around 1pm, both of us haven't take breakfast yet. Our stomach makes sound.
 We ate Pizza Hut as our brunch. Nice =D

Pizza Hut is ♥
KLCC Pizza Hut is different from others I think. Why? Because they use different bowl for mushroom soup.
Doink =.=

Awww...So sweet right ?

After that went to toilet take pictures ! I think most of the girls like to go to toilet take pictures because the effect is good.

This is the very first time that I went to KLCC. Ya, I'm kampung girl.
I want to go to the top of KLCC but we don't know how to go up. Sweat =.="

Baby Boy looks handsome 

Muacks...I kiss you means I love You
Bye ! 
x x

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