Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Let's say Bye Bye to Semester 3.
Even though it is a short semester, but it really bored for me.
Don't have any calculation subject. 3 subjects also need to memorize. 
Finally it is over =D and Say CHEESEEEE.....

Now I got more time with my lappie. 24 hours sit infront of computer with PPS and Twitter.
Hmmmm... Why no Facebook ? Because Facebook it getting boring nowadays. Yeah , my own opinion lah.

What is LIFE ?
I think it is a process for human beings. Everyone have to pass through alots of step. We have to move on step by step without any shortcut. Someone are happy with their life but someone may not ! 
Example : Rich people can get their wants easily such as Iphone ; Poor people have to pay their hard work then only can their wants. 
They will think that it is unfair ! But we have to know the meaning of LIFE ! 
We cannot break the rules that the GOD arrange for us ! We have to learn to accept and appreciate it ! Be happy with what we have =D Then your life is beautiful and worthy.
Wow ! So knowledgeable.

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