Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's going on !

My pictures recently. I'm gain weight ady :O
My face looks chubby. No more V shape. 
Only me, my BABY BOY gain weight also. He always complaint with that he looks fat like a Incredible Hulk
I keep laughing non-stop. He take the good example to describe himself. 

He still don't know what is the true meaning of fat ?
Let's me show him a picture.

Haha =D How can he fit in the super small boat ?! 

BABY BOY : I don't want eat so much. And I tell you ar don't force me to eat.
Yee Ying : Okay, this is what you said to me. If I buy snack you better don't rampas my food. 
BABY BOY : Deal ! 
Yee Ying : No problem. (ps: laughing non-stop)

Holiday for 24 days =D
We got married is my favorite. 
C.N. Blue Jung Yoong Hwa and Girls Generation SeoHyun couple already 1 years. Will they be a real couple in real life? I hope that they will couple. 

Now I watched 2pm Nichkhun and F(x) Victoria 
Nichkhun are so handsome and adorable =D

Bye I gonna watch Khutoria right now ! 

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