Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Super 8 a movie about alien ! This few month almost all the movie  showing is talk about alien, war ....Is it because of  our world going to end ? I hope No. Everyone hope No also. Please protect our earth. This is responsibility of all of the human being ! Please take these as a serious matter. 
Back to topic. Lil sis, Baby Boy and I went to pyramid for movie. It is crowded because school going to reopen very soon so everyone have to enjoy during this weekends. Hahaha : D I want to enjoy too. 

Chatime : DD

Some snack before going in to the hall.
 " Ireland's Potato "

Pictures of the night : 

Please don't spot my pimples !

 We love toilets too !

 One of the fav pictures of the night.
Conclusion,the movie are boring at the first part but overall was not bad.We almost fall asleep.That's all. Bye

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