Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For me

This is a short post for my own. Since I never write a post for myself so this is the 1st one. 
Form 3 until now my hair style always the same one. I don't dare to change because I scare not nice. My grandmother always complaint about my hair. She said my hair like mop. Hahahahaha. I think girls should have long hair so that we can attract many guys. Crazy right ?! 
Lets talk about my college life ! 
It is like nightmare. College can meet friends. I really don't think so. College are so boring for me because I got no close friends in my group. I'm being exclusion from them. I want to know why ? But I don't dare to ask this kind of silly question ! How ? I'm very friendly person during secondary school. I'm clown of them. I always make them smile. They loves to be friends with me ! I really miss those time. I need a machine to revive back. If it worth 100 million, I will try my best to get it. 
Nothing much to talk about. Bye !

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