Sunday, August 28, 2011

Longan Pudding ♥

Since my sister and I got alots of time during holidays ! So let't do some cooking. Not cooking dishes is just dessert. Hahahaha :) A longan Pudding. It's easy than bake a cake.  

This is the ingredient that need to use in the Longan Pudding ! Total price of ingredient no more that RM25. It can make around 10 container.

Let's do it step by step ! A professional chef need a helpful assistance. *I'm the helpful assistance*

Step 1 : Wash the agar- agar , pandan leaf
Step 2 : 2 bottle of 1.5 ml mineral water. Pour it into a big pot after that put the pandan leaf inside the pot.
Step 3 : After 5 mins, put the agar-agar into the pot. Keep stir until the agar-agar is melt.
Step 4 : Use the small tool to open the can.
Step 5 : Put all the longan and the coco de loco into all cute container.
Step 6 : Pour the 2 can of carnation into the pot and keep stir. Add sugar until the taste is nice. *around 15                                                 spoon* 
Step 7 : After 30 mins, pour into container that full with longan and coco de loco
Step 8 : Place under the fan until it is cold. Lastly, put it into refrigerator. 4 hours later, can enjoy the pudding !

There can make by other flavour also such as milo, lychee and more ! It exactly the same way as longan pudding ! Hope you enjoy the pudding ;)

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