Friday, August 26, 2011

A short post

Went to 1 Utama for movie - The Fortune Buddies-. Its funny and lame. We shop before we went into hall ! I saw alots of nice clothes. I want to buy but Baby Boy don't let . He said he gonna give me RMXXX for shop on Wednesday with my lil sis ! Is this real ? I don't know.

And yeah, My sis and I plan to go 1 Utama on 31 August for shopping movie and sushi zanmai ! Sounds interesting right ? Hope not pack on that day but it impossible !

Now I having sem break for 24 days which is 3 week. Before that, we went to go to Singapore but Baby Boy said wanted to save move to go travel during Chinese New Year ! I want to go Taiwan so badly because of food and clothing ! I'm craving for that !

Ciao. Going for my breakfast with Baby Boy and enjoy my lovely  Saturday !

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