Thursday, September 1, 2011

A day before Merdeka !

As you know I was planned my shopping day with my sister last week ! Hahahah ;) My cousin Christine joined us. We reached 1 Utama at 930am because Baby Boy need to work at 945am so we just follow his car. It's was fun. This is the first time I came to 1Utama at these time ! I'm shock , It is alot of people are start shopping in the early morning. Crazyyyyy =.=
1030am I went to queue up for Cars 2 but there are no more nice place for us to choose , so we changed to Spy Kids All The Time In The World. Not bad too. 

 Rating : 7/10

This is a must during shopping. Camwhore time  

Before get in to the cinema hall, sister yee chien want to take pictures with Mc Queen !

Sushi Zanmai for lunch. It is always our choice. Without fail. It is crowded. We queue for more than 15 mins.

Food of the day  

Took by my lousy camera

Let's shout : " Merdeka , Merdeka , Merdeka
Happy Birthday to Malaysia , Happy 54th birthday to Malaysia 
1 Malaysia - Slogan of Malaysia 

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