Saturday, September 3, 2011

I ♥ Capture

I like to capture everything that happens to me ! It can be memories for me ! 
I took thousand of pictures with my phone and my camera. I choose most latest favourite pictures to blog. Just want to show you all ! And yeah, I uploaded to the Facebook as well. I want to tet my friends view my pictures when they click in to my Facebook Profile. 

* Entrepreneurship presentation 

* Cycling time

 * A day before Merdeka

* When Baby Boy sleeping, sneak out !

* Going to Shopping

* Baby Boy's Birthday @ Sushi Zanmai

* Ikea with lovely family

Before going to college, had breakfast with mum.

* Baby Boy offday, plan to shopping !

When I saw a pictures, I knew what I'm doing that time ! *seriously*  I have a strong memory on other thing but not in EDUCATION.
My power of eye has increasingly means I have to spend on new contact lens and spectacular. Mum, can you sponsor me ?

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