Sunday, October 9, 2011

091011 ♥

A lovely shopping day with family 
08 Octorber 2011 is our 1 year and 3 months anniversary ! Baby boy bought me a new jeans from Forever 21. He dont let me to wear short pants to college so that he bought me this. Thanks Baby boy. I lub you 

 Savoury Paratha - Chicken and Cheese ( recommended )

 Savoury Chispy- Satay Chicken (not recommended)

I ordered Choco Cream Chips but a malay girl didn't noticed that she took the wrong cup. So the waiter ask me whether can I just take this ! He told me this is Mocha (Hazelnut). Guess what I answer him ? Of course I will just took this because I'm not a savage customer. Hee :)

That's all for this post. Bye. 

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