Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celcom Job

21 jan 2010,
Day 1

Today is the 1st times that work together with sha po lin yng.
Its was fun...
My boss, Peter ask us wait at kelana jaya's lrt.
So lin yng came to my house 1st and then my mom fetch us go to kelana jaya.
I was really scared before meet my boss.
So i brought this weapon and put it into my bag to protect our safety.
This hypermarket only few customer.
Still got many car park.
Lin yng bought this ABC.
Taste like medicine.
Rm3 le
Our job is promote Celcome broadband, streamyx, Celcom postpaid and CSL handphone.
Interest? Email me.
Promotion !!!
CSL handphone Rm88 free 1 Xpax.
Function: NO camera
NO bluetooth

Besides that,
made in China, Rm599

Original BLACKBERRY price more than Rm2000+
This 1 also okay ma.
Got WiFi, TV....

was busy set up for the fair during evening.
Around 6pm only go for lunch.
KFC just next to our working place.
So we had lunch at KFC.

22 jan 2010,
Day 2

As usual,
we reached kelana jaya around 12pm and wait Peter to fetch us.
This job quite free la.
Peter bring us pergi sana pergi sini.
Take stock la bank in la.


1 or 2 something only start working.
Too bored.
sitting at there nothing to do.
No customer
Flies also don't have. Kesian

Today sales ZERO.
No commissions. Can get basic only.
23 jan 2010,
Day 3

Sama sahaja
Nothing special.
Today got 2 promoter join us.
UTAR students.
The roadshow very small Peter hired 4 promoter to work for it.
100% rugi la.

Saturday also no customer.
4 of us standing there like ORANG GILA.
Even though got customer they also malas to layan us.
We serve them they go away.
I look like ghost?
Not their fault la.
Customer don't like people keep follow them and promote thing 1.
Today sales only 1 Upax, rm15.
Commissions maybe rm3.
Lin yng so charm le
No sales.
Hopes tomorrow will be better. GAMBATEH !!!
24 jan 2010,
Day 4 (last day)
Peter went out.
Ah teng jie di yi go malas.
And she ask me to help her jaga shop.


Luckily today got some customers la.
Chinese uncle and auntie want to upgrade streamyx.
they point me because i wearing streamyx t-shirt then i go serve them lo.
After that Peter want me to bring them go our shop to fill in the register form.

Lin yng searching for hopes... STRESS !!!

1st day KFC
2nd day KFC again
3rd day KFC again again
4th day KFC again again again
Eat until PHOBIA!!!

Maybe next week me and lin yng will continue this job.
But, different location la.
At cheras.
Police area wor.
we haven't comfirm yet la. Thinking =S
my eye lips feel heavy.
Sleep. Good night

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