Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm back

Hi, my friends.
I'm back from genting this Wednesday.
Can you see the rainbow? It is super nice shot.
There are so cold.
And the job was so easy.
1 hour break
Rm80 per day and Rm60 per day in the meal card.
So total is Rm140
We just standing beside the machine and help customer play football lucky draw.
I worked inside the Genting's Casino.
why i can go in?
My sister said if you are wearing uniform of cause you can go in.
The 1st times i go inside i was so nervous.
I scare the security guard will tarik me out.
all the guard never layan me.
They looking at my Man. Utd uniform
and straight away let me go in.
Casino damn big you know.
There got many tables. dealers and customers.
More than 100 tables over there.
i think 1 table around 30-40 customers.
Can you imagine how big is that?
And how much money Genting's Casino can earn in 1 day?
I went back home around 12:30am
Tired and feel like want to vomit.
Because my sister forgot to take her handbag and she left it in the hotel.
She said she want to take cause all the card and cash is inside the bag.
Then, we went back hotel.
We almost reached halfway already.
have to go up again.
My sister is BIG HEAD PRAWN
need to get some rest le.
Bye =p

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