Thursday, January 14, 2010


today i did the same thing again.
Means nothing to do.
I sit infront of the computer for whole day.
Just now lin yng scold me.
She say she is the 1st times she saw people blog her own thing until so san fu.
Just now i received my sis messages.
She ask me go genting work.
I comfirm ad.
I need money.
She said her friend take leave ask me to replace.
I'm not scared actually. Is excited.
Yes. I'm go alone.
Lin ynd and Ee leng dont worry.
I'll take care.

*please dont miss me. Haha

I want to go learn other language example korea or japanese.
I know it is expensive for those course.
i'll save money to learn that.
Long time didnt go yum cha with my buddy already.
Most of them not free.
Next week kenneth, eeleng and ping yee will start working.
Me and lin yng still rotting.
I miss xiao qi.
Today she called me by using my mun handphone.
and she tell me got a stupid uncle ate her sweet.
Damn cute.
She called the uncle(wei chi lou)
Xiao qi's mum dont let us bring xiao qi to our house because her sister,Xiao fei dont let.
and her father dont let also.

Suddenly feel like want to cry TT
listening some sad song then feel so touched.
Maybe i'm too boring.

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